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Blog Number Five (5) Trump and NOW.

I admire people who live in the NOW. Donald Trump is one of those people who lives in NOW. His response to each moment is quick and, I believe, genuinely expresses what he honestly feels—right NOW. Since his expressions change so drastically from moment to moment, however, I'm left wondering what really drives his responses. That becomes an important question because he is President of the United States and what he says each moment makes a world of difference.

Decisions we make NOW create history, in fact they are the only way history is made. What we do NOW, today at this moment in our lives determines what our past looks like; they also determine what options we have for the future. NOW is vital. The past is gone and cannot be changed. The future is not yet here and can only be prepared for until NOW comes around. NOW is different. NOW is when it happens. We need to use NOW with quiet thought, energetic action, alone, or with others but with great care.